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Music and Perfume... a practice to enhance your imagination

In my generation, we grew up listening to music while we were writing, studying, and is a part of our daily life. With diverse music programs and TV shows, music is also a part of our culture that at a certain level helped to shape our understanding of arts.

Some students told me there have worries when they cannot describe the aromas and visualise them. Synesthesia is one of the most important practices in our class, which allows students to practice combining 2 different elements, for example, paintings and music, colour and aromas.

When I was young I was so scared of the sound of flushing sound, I had to get the door ready before I could flush and immediately I ran outside of the toilet. This is also a form of synesthesia called misophonia. There is no scientific explanation of what caused it and why it connected the sound of flushing water with danger in my head. But for a long time, I believed there are monsters and they will come out when I flush. There are other more common examples. Such as when you see the colour Red, some people feel hot, some feel danger, and some feel anger. When you see smell fresh cut grass, some see green, and some think of goats and cows.

So, what can we do with synesthesia to help us with aroma appreciation and creation?

Daniel Sonabend is a composer who created an album according to different perfumes. This album has been used to display with a permanent installation at Le Grand Musèe du Parfum in Paris, France. Below there are 2 examples.


Chypre - The Story of the Fragrance

The cypress tone is also called "citrus moss tone" and "chypre tone". "Chypre" in French refers to a small island in Greece - Cyprus, which is said to be the birthplace of the beautiful goddess Venus. Scientists found the oldest perfume so far on a pottery pot in a cave on Cyprus Island. After analysis, it contained ingredients such as fennel, citrus, and lemon. Other containers were also found. It is speculated that it is the world's oldest perfume workshop in the world.

Chypre - The Scent

My listening notes and fragrance analysis


Fougere - The Story of the Fragrance

Fougere fragrance is a creative fragrance type, which is the name founded by Paul Pargut in France in 1980. In 1882, a French perfume company first released a perfume called "Royal Fougere". This type of perfume is Fougere fragrance. Therefore, fougere perfumes more or less have some legendary royal colors, and gradually become popular

Fougere - The Scent

My listening notes and fragrance analysis

What did you think about the music?

You might have a completely different idea or impression compared to mine. But let's not forget sensation and emotion are personal feelings. There are no correct or wrong answers.

Music is a way for us to find a stronger connection with the aromas/ fragrance to strengthen the memory and the impression of the fragrance. On the other hand, it helps perfume makers to enhance their practice and experiments with inspiration, and the ability to visualise the smell in arts.

With different background stories and feelings, it allows us to communicate with others when we talk about a fragrance. "It looks green and brown", and "It gives me the picture of a small dog.", "It is youthful and fresh"... This helps us to use our imagination and use simple words so that most people would have an idea of what it is like. Instead of telling people "It smells like chypre".

Now, what do you think the painting would be if it is a perfume?

I hope you find this fun and useful!

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