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How to apply KNDA certification for your student?

Congratulations students! You have received your instructor certificate and it allows you to offer a professional KNDA aromatherapy course. Here is a post to guide you on how to set your course price and apply the certificate for your students once they have finished the course.

Korea Natural Design Association (KNDA) has set rules in delivering the KNDA certified courses to maintain the standard and quality. Please be aware that the tuition fee cannot be lower than HKD11,000, and the certification application fees is KRW125,000. - The fees may consistently updated by the association. You are suggested to check the website before you submit the payment to the association.

To apply for exam and certificate:

  1. Send an email to to request for exam paper, provide with your instructor certificate number.

  2. Once your student finished the exam, send back the exam paper to us for checking.

  3. We shall notify you when the student has passed/failed the exam.

  4. If student passed the exam, follow the instruction below to fill membership application to apply for certificate.

  5. Student will retake the exam if fail.

Fill the membership application

  1. Fill the application form with correct information.

  2. The application form must be sent as a file. ***No photo submission allowed

  3. Attach a portfolio in the email. Photos of the work of your students that learned for each session of the curriculum.

  4. Submit the application form by e-mail, the title and file name should be (Student Name_ Certificate Name): e.g. Lee Yuen Ying_Aromatherapy

  5. You need to include the payment payslip for the application fee in this email

  6. The association may not reply to your email if all contents are correct

  7. Certificates will be sent by the association, expecting to receive in 2 months

Association Email and Account Number

  • Email:

  • Account Information: Woori Bank 1 005-601-3476 12 Hyeonjeong Choi

When sending payment from overseas (outside of Korea)

  • Bank name: WOORI BANK

  • Swift code: HVBKKRSEXXX

  • Bank account number: 1 005-601-3476-12

  • Account name: CHOI HYUN JUNG

  • Address: 3F, 701-1, Gojan-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Application Form Download:

We wish you and your students the best!

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