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We will help you install scent machine in your shop/ restaurant/ home/ toilet/ office/ school etc. Including the fragrance liquid for your machine. 

Scent Machine

  • ZERO charges* 24-hour automatic fragrance spray function
  • 1L fragrance per month included per month


  • Default fragrance: Shangri La - citrus, jasmine, spices and oakmoss
  • Optional fragrance ($20 upgrade): The Forest - herbaceous, cool breeze, mixed woods and flowers.
  • Optional fragrance ($30 upgrade): Lemonade - citrus, mint, rose, lavender, pine wood and herbaceous.
  • Customise fragrance ($50 - $200): We will help you to customise your own fragrance from our selection of aromas. Perfect for branding and mood creation. 


*We do not charge the machine, at the end of the service, you must return the machine(s) to Speshal. You are responsible for keeping the machine in a safe, clean place.

*If the machines are damaged and broken by human cause, a $150 fee per machine will be charged. 




零機價* 24小時自動噴香功能香薰機
每月 1 升香水

默認香味:Shangri La - 柑橘、茉莉、香料和橡苔
可選香水(20 元升級):森林 - 草本、涼爽的微風、混合樹林和鮮花。
可選香水(30 元升級):檸檬水 - 柑橘、薄荷、玫瑰、薰衣草、松木和草本。
定製香水(50 元 - 200 元):我們將幫助您從我們精選的香氣中定制您自己的香水。 完美的品牌和風格創造。

*我們不對機器收費,在服務結束時,您必須將機器歸還給 Speshal。 您有責任將機器存放在安全、清潔的地方。
*如果機器因人為原因損壞和損壞,每台機器將收取 150 港元的費用。

Scent Machine Service (Monthly)

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