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*For Speshal students only

Join the perfume jamming sessions to create your own fragrance.


Features of the Sheung Wan studio:

  • Share pantry for coffee, tea, wines and snacks. 
  • 2-3 people at a time
  • comfortable chairs and desks with large windows 
  • basic perfume bottles, and ingredients, available to purchase in the studio.
  • free aroma sniffing papers, mixing rods
  • free rental of mixing glass, funnels (please wash after use)


*This session does not include the 140 aroma materials in the studio.

*Students are required to purchase their own basic kit to join this function.

*The goal of this function is to provide a fragrance lab and space for our students to focus on mastering their skills and creating original fragrance designs. 

Perfume Jamming for Speshal Students

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