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The KNDA Aroma Instructor Course is accredited by the Korean Natural Design Association, an organisation that's widely recognised in Korea and Asia countries. This certificate will allow you to register as an instructor and deliver KNDA Aromatherapy course world wide. 


  • 4 day course (full day course: 11am to 6pm)
  • KNDA certificate
  • Personal aroma portfolio
  • SPESHAL aroma notes and formulars
  • Available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin


It is perfect for those who would like to have professional training with aroma designs for all kind of products. This course focus on candidates own aroma development, you will learn the history of aromas, aroma design principles, safety uses of aromas, recreate aromas with fomulars, create your own aromas with story telling skills. Candidates will need to create a final project with a set of aromas representing a theme, you can use stories, songs, movies, nature and any elements as your theme. The final project must be original creation and by your own work. 


An exam is required in order to obtain this certificate. 

Candidates must pass the written exam to receive the KNDA certificate. Course fees already inlcluded this examination and candidates can arrange the exam date with instructor base on their availability. 


After passing the exam, candidates will receivet the certificate from Korea, it will take approximately 1 to 2 months for the post. Please ensure you have provided the correct address to the organisation. 


KNDA Aroma Instructor Course

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