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Why do I study a wine master degree with the HK POLYU?

A lot of people surprised when they heard there is a wine degree in Hong Kong. They event went more shocked that I am one of the student doing the International Wine Management Programme with the SHTM.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has been known for its outstanding acadmic results in hospitality and tourism management. The SHTM (school of hotel and tourism management) is No.1 in the world according to Shanghai Ranking global ranking of academic subjects 2022, university ranking by academic performance and also CWUR rankings by subject. It's now No.2 in the world of hospitality & leisure management by QS world university rankings by subject in 2023.

What people doesn't know, is wine management is a part of the SHTM programme. They offer MSc International Wine Management programme for students to study with a university degree which provide professional knowledge in both academic and wine. Students can become wine professionals after graduation.

For part-time students like me, who have previous working experience in the wine industry are long for this opportunity. Having Master of Wines as our

professors, they guided us through interesting wine related topics, such as discovering new wine regions, new or interesting grape viraties, analysing wine business environment and develope our own wine business plans etc. Other than business and hospitality stream, unlike other wine degree in European countries, which devided into 2 streams: wine business & oenology, the IWM programme combined both elements. Dr. Chien Hao Chen, who is also a winemaker and wine producer, teaches the subject of viticulture and oenology.

People often questioned "Have you ever made wine?". Well, YES! Thanks to the professional

and academic education, I had the chances to make my own wine. The winemaking process requires a lot of research, experinments and resource, especially in Hong Kong. The final product wasn't great at first, but that's how all winemaker learn - from mistakes and flaws. My first wine was made wasn't ripe enough resulted in a relatively light colour but slightly darker than regular rose, the fermentation ends very fast due to the hot weather in Hong Kong, even after chapterlization, the ABV was 11%. The flavours was red berries such as strawberry, goseberry and acidity was medium. It ends up with a light and crisp texture but I didin't intend to make rose at first. The wine #001 wasn't bad in taste, like every great invention in the world all somehow created by some mistakes!

In the coming May 2023, I will join the HK PolyU to visit Germany. We will visit 5 different wine regions and wineries around those areas. Some has concerns about Germany becuase they are more famous with their beers than wines! Germany has all the techniques with producing white, rose, red, sparkling and sweet (or ice) wines! I consider they have some of the best techniques and theories in winemaking but limited by the environment with a cool climate and natural hazards. I can't wait to learn more from them!

Speshal is a barnd aims to provide all kinds of aromatic products and lifestyle products. Which in the future we will also provide wine services and wine products. Currently we are still selecting the products to put on our website for sales. As a former Wine Specialist at the HKJC and Event Assistant at the WSET Asia Pacific, I also conduct private wine events, casual wine apperciation course and help private clients to source wines they would like. In January 2023, I have been invited to conduct a perfume workshops with The Macallan for their product - a night on earth. The event went successful and this shows a possibility to crossover my professional knowledge of wine and perfume! I am open for any work and collaboration opportunities, if you're interested, contact me via the website by emails.

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