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Dog Grooming

Our new dog grooming service

Having three dogs living with us, we have taken some dog grooming lessons in order to keep our dogs looking cute and handsome. Our pets Boba, Milo, and Duke inspire us to start this service in Mui Wo

People often comment when they know we do dog grooming for our dogs. 

"Oh! Your dogs are in good maintenance!"

"Wow, you did the grooming by yourself?" 

"Can you trim my dog's hair? I don't need fancy styles to want him to look clean and smart."

"We need more dog groomers here!"


With the locals' support, my mother, Irene, took this challenge to trim her first dog, Lulu. 

Irene loves dogs unconditionally and with her magic hands, the dogs always fall asleep and let her do her job. 

She trained all 3 of our dogs to enjoy the whole grooming, able to relax and when I dry my hair with the hairdryer, Boba and Milo often came to me and smile. Like they are queueing up to be the next one drying their hair. 

Irene took a dog grooming course back in 2021 and now has 2 years experience of in handling small to medium size dogs.

If you live in Mui Wo and wish to get a reasonable price dog grooming service, please feel free to contact us. 








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