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Smelling Flowers
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The Scent of Life

Enjoy the scent

It's about lifestyle

Hong Kong is a fast-growing city, and it is not difficult to find people who are always stressed, with careers, and family, So why don't you try to find your own peace and pace with SPESHAL? 

Like the perfect evening after a glass of wine; like a day when you just wanted a little adventure; like the morning with a scent of clean beddings and the lily in your cosy room.

Picnic in Park
Wine Tasting Events
Smelling Perfume


I went to the new Sheung Wan studio, I'm glad Speshal now has a place in the HK Island. Natalie is a great teacher and the whole perfume-making was so much fun! I am so happy to have my own perfume before I leave HK to Japan. I can show-off to my friends.

Perfume experience class student


Vesta Cheung

The KNDA Aroma Expert Instructor course is a fruitful and knowledgeable course. I am glad I took it with Natalie. She also helps a lot when I need to buy perfume ingredience. I passed my exam and now can't wait to receive my certificate from Korea! 

KNDA Aroma Expert Instructor Student.



I made a perfume called "freedom". I've learned how to use aromas to represent the scenes and visualized them like a painting. Seaside, shining sun, hints of citrus and birds. It is an amazing experience.


My cologne was inspired by whisky. I am a wine and whisky lover and it's great to be able to create the scent and I can wear it every day. Fun and meaningful.


I just couldn't find the perfect perfume in the shops. That's why I decided to join the perfume workshop and I was surprised. I guess something made by yourself may not be the most popular perfume but definitely suits you the best.

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